QST1 Parent Trainer Online Course

Online course:  Parent trainer for the QST Parent Intervention

Registration is currently open. Participants begin the course once their registration form and payment are received by QSTI and they have completed the pre-course requirements. The course instructor will email participants a list of pre-course requirements. The pre-course requirements take most participants approximately 2-4 weeks to complete. Once they have completed the pre-course requirements, they will receive a pass code which will allow them to enter the online course website to begin the 20-week course.
Length of course: 5 months
Cost: $650 (U.S. dollars)
Clock hours: 20 clock hours awarded upon successful completion of course

For more information, contact Linda Poling, sensorytreatment@gmail.com

Course description

The QST autism parent intervention is a research-based qigong massage intervention for autism which is delivered by parents under the guidance of QST parent trainers, and is proven to reduce the severity of autism. This course is offered to autism professionals and para-professionals, and to parents or close family members of children with autism, who wish to become QST parent trainers. QST parent trainers teach families the daily parent massage and provide coaching and weekly support for the first 12 weeks of the 1-year QST autism parent intervention.

This course is five months in length and is conducted entirely online. It consists of 1 month of theoretical training followed by 4 months of clinical supervision. During the clinical section, students train parents in massage procedures, and meet with parent and child weekly. During the weekly visits, they observe the parent giving the massage, and provide support and coaching as parents adapt the massage to the child’s responses, and follow through with daily treatment. Students are not taught the QST therapist autism massage protocol, or certified to work directly with children. This requires the in-person training given in QST2.

Prior to the course start date, students must identify a family with a child with autism under age 6 (not immediate family), who agrees to give the child the 15-minute massage every day for 12 weeks, with training and support from the student. The child should meet the following five criteria:

  • Have an educational and/or medical diagnosis of autism
  • Be under 6 years of age
  • Not take psychoactive medication or chelation therapy
  • Have no additional neurological disability (e.g. cerebral palsy or uncontrolled seizures)
  • No other intensive autism interventions should be planned to begin at the same time as QST

This online course involves extensive reading, weekly assignments, quizzes, practical testing via Skype and online discussion forums. Successful students are independent learners with high motivation, strong organizational skills, and the ability to self-monitor progress relative to multiple course requirements. For more information, view the syllabus for the course.


Applicants should:

  • Be a parent or close family member of a child with autism –OR– have a minimum of two years of professional or para-professional experience working with children with autism
  • Be in good health, taking little or no chronic medication. The reason for this requirement is that Qigong Sensory Training utilizes the energy, intention and sensibility of the QST trainer. According to Chinese medicine, chronic illness and chronic medication decrease a person’s overall energy and sensitivity, and thus the resources they bring to working with QST.


  • Recruit and obtain the informed consent of a family with a child with autism that meets eligibility criteria to participate in the training
  • Collect pre- and post-test data from the child/family
  • Complete all weekly course assignments on time
  • Complete 12 coaching support sessions with the child/family


  • Successfully complete written quizzes online
  • Successfully complete a practical test via Skype
  • Complete 12 coaching support sessions with the family
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully coach a parent
  • Graduates of the training will be listed on the QSTI website

QST1 registration form in Word
QST1registration form in .pdf