Qigong Sensory Treatment Massage For Children With Autism

A Different Sense of Touch: Autism and Qigong Massage videoQigong Sensory Treatment massage for autism is an evidence-based treatment for children with autism. All children with autism have sensory abnormalities, particularly of the sense of touch. The more severe the sensory problems, the more severe the autism. Breakthrough research shows that a key to treating autism is the sense of touch. When touch problems are treated, sensory problems improve and the severity of autism decreases.

The autism treatment is a specialized massage from Chinese medicine that normalizes the sense of touch. The protocol is called Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) massage. As touch normalizes, the sensory systems start working together. Children calm down and focus. They become aware of themselves and receptive to other people. Within a few weeks, eye contact, behavior and sleep improve. They are more comfortable in social situations, and new developmental skills appear.

Parents* give the autism massage treatment under the guidance of trained professionals. Qigong Sensory Treatment massage for autism is given daily. Areas where the child is uncomfortable with touch are not avoided; instead techniques are attuned to the child, within the comfort zone of the child. Treatment is continued for at least a year. Research results show that children with severe autism move into the moderate range, moderate autism moves towards mild, and mildly autistic children can move off the spectrum.

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*Parents, as used here, includes any caregiver who has a strong connection and daily contact with the child.

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